Sail Shades


Cantilevers are ideal in applications where the supporting structure needs to be installed outside from the area being shaded. Shade is projected over an area from a set of posts positioned outside of that area. These structures are permanent and require substantial footings to support the weight of the frame.


A free-span fabric structure is a cable reinforced, high-tension Shade Sail spanned between multiple anchor points. The fabric sail can be attached to existing structures and/or posts, which are engineered to support large amounts of load.


Hip Structures stretch tensioned shade fabric over a self-supporting steel frame. They come in square and rectangle shapes and are customizable in their lengths, widths, and heights.


Hypod is an hyperbolic shade sail flown inside a single-mast steel frame, exhibiting the aesthetic qualities of a free-span fabric structure while keeping the footing requirements as minimal as possible. Hypods are permanent structures with a substantial single footing required.


A KwikShade structure comprises a fully tensioned, hyperbolic shade sail flown between a diagonal joisted steel frame. They are square in shape and come as kits in set sizes of 12′, 14′ and 16′. Although they have minimal footings, they are designed as permanent structures, however, surface mounted installs can be moved if needed after the initial installation.


Playshade structures comprise a semi-tensioned canopy flown over a single-mast steel frame. They are square in shade and come in set sizes of 12′ & 14′. Playshade structures require a substantial single footing and as such are designed to be permanent structures.

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