Park and recreations

We help enhancing cities, districts, municipalities, national parks, first nation communities, creating unique public spaces for families to enjoy, give us the opportunity to serve you.

Landscape Architects

We help you to make your project a reality, from designing, drawing support, budget estimation, 3D rendering and more, We are here to support your projects every step of the way.


We understand your challenges,  therefore we work with PACs,  School Boards and foundations to create long lasting Playground solutions. Let’s us help your project become true. 


We want to help you not only on getting your dreamed playground, but to guide you in The norms and provincial regulations that you need to get approved. Contact us today for you free consultation. 

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Playgrounds by

The biggest playground designer in the country Made in Canada for Canadians to Canadians.


Do you want the strongest rubber playground
Surfacing warranty?

DuraSAFE, the preferred protective surface in North America, Long term safety, Extreme durability, climate resilient, easy to Repair.


Be active all year around with Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Specially design for our harsh Canadian climate.


Site Furniture and beyond

Picnic tables, benches, garbage bins, and more. The right  complement for you project.