Playgrounds Accessories

Westplay wheelchair-accessible ramp systems, it is the only true universal playground ramp systems available today.

• Designed to mount independently of the playground borders,
• Full and half ramps provide an ADA/wheelchair-accessible entrance to the playground.
• Each ADA ramp system includes (2) each 4″ and 6″ filler ends as well as the necessary spikes for installation.

We offer three unique modular ramp systems to provide wheelchair access on your playground designs. All modular ramp systems are commercial grade and composed of 100% recycled plastic.

Designed to install independent of our playground borders, ramps provide cost-effective wheelchair accessibility and a clear point of entry/exit on any playground installation.

Our playground borders are 52″ long, 4″ wide, and available in either 8″ or 12″ heights. When installed, each border covers 4 lineal feet. Both our 8″ and 12″ high playground borders feature our patented Surfacing Guide (US Patent #716,113 and D732,357) and snap-in-spike.
The surfacing guide serves as a ruler on your playground to ensure adequate levels of safety surfacing are maintained. With a quick glance, you can easily see how much surfacing is currently on your playground. The snap-in-spike allows for each border/spike to ship as one unit and reduces the chance of lost spikes in shipment and missing items upon delivery.

Additionally, it makes for faster installation by keeping each border/spike together as one unit.

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