Welcome to the Westplay Podcast – Season 1

This first season is dedicated to understanding more about why we do what we do.

We hope this journey of reflection allows you to also think about what you do, and how you bring joy to your everyday life.

In episodes 1-2, Christian, the founder of Westplay, explains what inspired him and his wife to start a playground company of all things, and gives you a very brief introduction to the playground process.

In episodes 3-6, you will learn from a friend of Westplay who has worked with Autistic children and their families. He has gone through some challenges and explains how playground designers might need to address them. The bonus episode (episode 10) revisits this idea of adapting playgrounds to each community.

In episodes 7-9, Brydon Roe, the CEO and founder of Shade Sails Canada, introduced us to shade structures and how they can make a huge difference in the usability of outdoor play areas.

You can hear these episodes on your car or while cooking (the longest one is only 12 minutes!), and we hope they’ll inspire you to keep learning about how playgrounds can change your life and your community.

If you have suggestions for topics for future episodes, please let me know at We’d love to hear from you!


Episode 1:  The Story Behind the Creation of Westplay
In this episode we get to hear about Christian and his family’s experience with playgrounds when they first came to Canada and how it inspired them to start Westplay.

Episode 2: Westplay’s Vision and Playground Basics
In this episode, Christian explains how a playground project often gets started and the vision for Westplay’s future.

Episode 3: Accessibility and Inclusivity – Autism and Playgrounds
In this episode, we meet Eleni and learn about some of the general aspects of safety and learning that she considers when taking Autistic children to play on playgrounds.

Episode 4: Accessibility and Inclusivity – Playground Challenges
In this episode, Eleni explains some of the playground-specific difficulties that face children on the Autism spectrum and their care-givers.

Episode 5: Accessibility and Inclusivity – Playground Solutions
In this episode, Eleni and I explore some design solutions to the challenges we faced in the last episode.

Episode 6: Accessibility and Inclusivity – Motor Skills and Surfacing Choices
In this episode, Eleni and I wrap up the series by discussing specific types of skills that all children can practice on a playground, and what kinds of surfacing choices are the most ideal in her experience.

Episode 7: Shade Structure Basics
In this episode, we meet Brydon Roe and his company Shade Sails Canada. He explains to us what shade structures are and why they’re useful to playgrounds.

Episode 8: Shade Structure Types and Benefits
In this episode, Brydon goes into more detail about the different types of structures and materials available for shade sails.