Everyone plays, even adults. People are forever learning and building on their achievements, and everyone is creative in their own way! Adults who have already learned language concepts even enjoy playing with words. This type of play is an integral part of human creativity.
The child is at the threshold of the educational adventure involving the application of creativity. He begins to play with other children around age two. He invents stories in which he and his friends have roles. Play structures gain fictional purposes. A bar of the play structure becomes a fireman’s pole; a bridge represents a tightrope connecting very tall buildings, etc. The child learns about the concepts of fiction and reality that will be very useful to him in many situations! He understands that a game is a fictional activity, different from reality, and one where he can use his vivid imagination. Then, he learns that the same parameters do not apply to daily life. He distinguishes the difference, a very valuable ability for a developing little human being.


By playing with his peers, the child learns about communication. He must express his likes, his dislikes, how he views play time, etc. When very young, his communication is non-verbal, but as he grows older, he becomes comfortable with verbal communication. When unhappy, he may even announce that he wants to stop playing. He is embarking on the process of assertiveness. He tests the effect of his words on others, learns to share his knowledge and discovers how to foster and improve communication. The ability to communicate increases as the child calls upon his reasoning.

In terms of language alone, since the child interacts with others and is attentive to what they have to say, he expands his vocabulary and adds new words. His parents and caregivers have talked to him a lot, sung songs, read stories and encouraged him to express himself and answer questions. Undoubtedly, he will find it easier to engage in conversation and stimulate dialogue. Moreover, he may even be the one to teach new words to his friends!

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